DC Security Clearance Consultants

OPM Adjudicative Elements

The topics or "issues" listed below are the primary factors by which OPM & other federal agency/department adjudicators will either grant or deny your application for a security clearance. OPM investigators utilize these 14 Adjudicative Guidelines to "flag" or alert adjudicators to issues in your case file.

Office of Personnel Management

What most people do not know is that within each topic or issue, there are between 6 and 10 sub-topics or issues. These sub-topics and issues are then categorized within a range of values. This range of values will indicate the level of severity per issue or topic. Your topic or issue will range anywhere from not severe (You have nothing to worry about) to very severe (Your security clearance application has a high probability of being denied.)

The 14 Adjudicative Guidelines
  • Alcohol Use
  • Drug Use
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Criminal & Immoral Conduct
  • Honesty
  • Disruptive or Violent Behavior
  • Employment Misconduct, Negligence
  • Firearms & Weapons
  • Miscellaneous
  • Statutory Debarment
  • Loyalty & Security
  • Qualifications, Including Health
  • Associates
  • Relatives

Know where you stand. Our experienced staff of professionals is here to assist you and put your mind at ease. Most, if not all, of these topics or issues can be mitigated and be made to appear less severe. Know the questions that will be asked by the investigators. Know which questions will not be asked. Most of all, know the appropriate responses to the topic or issue questions. Knowing all of this information will allow you to better position yourself and to significantly increase your chances of successfully being granted your security clearance. Be prepared. Your current job or future job is at stake.