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PSMO-I Adjudicators (formerly DISCO)

Industrial Security

The Personnel Security Management Office-Industry (PSMO-I) adjudicates all personnel security clearances for the firms/companies in the NISP. The Defense Security Service (DSS) Facility Clearance Division (FCD) is responsible for clearing the facility itself in addition to its KMPs and all other personnel who will be requiring access to classified information in performance of federal contracting activities. PSMO-I was located at Ft. Meade, Maryland in what is called the Department of Defense Consolidated Adjudications Facility or DOD CAF. Adjudicators for PSMO-I, PSMO-II, military CAFs (Army CCF, DONCAF, AFCAF) and other defense agencies/organizations (DIA, NSA, NGA, WHS, DOHA and Joint Staff) are all centrally located at the DOD CAF. In approximately October of 2012, all of the U.S. government adjudicative entities now centrally located at Ft. Meade, MD merged into one consolidated entity known as the DOD CAF. In November 2013, PSMO-I moved their operations to the DSS Maryland Industrial Security Field Office in Hanover, MD.

OPM’s Federal Investigative Services Division (FISD) maintains a local field office at the base and many of its headquarters operations originate from there as well. Most of FISD’s management personnel & decision-makers operate out of Boyers, PA and Washington, DC. Some additional functions are performed out of Arlington, VA.

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